On this page you will find games from an independent developer HotGamesBest which you can download for free from the macro shop. All games are designed for devices with Windows […]

On this page you will find games from an independent developer HotGamesBest which you can download for free from the macro shop. All games are designed for devices with Windows 10 operating system. Enjoyable leisure.

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Panzer Full

«Panzer Full» — panzer simulator modern tank in combat. Self-propelled guns, tanks, multiple launch rocket system, helicopters…

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Битва за урожай

«Battle for harvest Pro» — manage the harvester and collect the harvest. Avoid obstacles and keep fuel consumption. Choose the best way to combine harvester. Follow the fuel level and correctly use stocks.

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Ludo trade full

The full version of the economic game based on the board game Ludo. The player will move the chips caravans along the Silk Road, to buy and sell goods. To win, you must earn a specified amount of money, or ravage a competitor.

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combat a lot full

«Сombat a lot full» — logic game with the ability to maneuver the tank T-34. In this tactical puzzle you need to plan your tank activity and come unhurt to a given point. Arrange the playing field arrows indicating the moving direction and points of fire, then press start button and watch the battlefield on your screen.

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Game "Ukraine 2020"

Ukraine — political strategy. The goal of the game is to gain monopoly control over all regions of Ukraine, and for this it is necessary to participate in local elections and of course win. The player can set the percentage of bribes in controlled areas, and then use this money at election companies. Remember that not everyone decides money, follow your rating and the level of happiness of the population in the regions…

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Tactics of Battle for Windows Phone

«Tactics of battle» — turn-based strategy combat tactics. Attack the enemy positions and capture his headquarters. Protect your headquarters. The game uses a unique system for balancing the speed of movement and rate of fire by creating delays (skip the move). Test your tactical abilities.

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Climbing Everest

«Climbing_Everest» — under mysterious circumstances, on Everest, a group of climbers disappeared. You have to lead to lead the rescue team and go in the footsteps of the missing expedition. You will find bread crumbs that may help to scatter this mystery.

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Мафия - карточная игра

«Mafia — sphere of influence» a new and unique card game. Send your people to criminal trials, seize new areas and expand your sphere of influence. Only one will win, one who will control the whole city. Take care of your subordinates, think through every move and strategy of the whole game. Sometimes it is better to lose one battle, but to win in a whole war.

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«Sherman» — tactical puzzle, is a tank battle on your device! The main goal of the game is to plan your tank offensives through the enemy territory.

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Секретный код пирамид

«Secret code of the pyramids» — the mystery of the pyramids — the divine logic! Try to break this secret code. Enter your version of the code and get information about which numbers are correct and are in place. This is a variation of the Mastermind game.

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Game Ants Story

«Ants Story» is a fascinating symbiosis of popular game genres. To go through the whole story, you need to quickly and accurately throw objects, collect three objects in a row and put together pieces of pictures. If you learn to do it well, then you will learn a fascinating story that happened to our ants. It’s worth it…

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Under Fire

«Under fire» — tactical puzzle. Spend your tanks across the battlefield, collect stars and bring one of your tanks to the exit point. Your task is to properly plan the actions of your tanks, arrange the arrows of the directions and place of shooting. Be careful, beware of minefields and enemy tanks. Good luck, commander!

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Крейсер Варяг

«Last battle of the cruiser Varyag» — simulator of naval combat, with elements of strategy, between the cruiser Varyag and the japanese squadron.

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